Wouldn’t it be cool if we could show you a picture of exactly what the First-Ever “Russian” Float will be like? You’d be able to look at the picture and say, ‘Lovely, I’ll hop on that!’

But the “Russian” Float is a creation of many brilliant minds, including yours, and it is in the making! Which makes it so much more fun! Because you can help define it.

So far, we have created this framework for the Float:

…but before we begin, don’t limit yourself to reading about all this Float greatness. There’s something bigger at stake here: the Float will not be possible without contributions of money, time, and knowledge. So make sure to read about our needs and donate whatever you can, to spread the word, and pass on the info to as many potential supporters as you know: you can repost to your Wall, email the link, do word-of-mouth. You know what to do! Thank you!

  • The “Russian” Float will travel down 5th Ave from 36th St to West Village in New York City on Sunday, June 30, 2013, as part of the NYC GLBT Pride March – one of the world’s biggest and most important GLBT events. Well, sure, we party animals care that it is an explosive glamorous extravaganza of hot hot hot action LOL. But forget you not that it is the oldest gay pride in the world and goes back to 1969 and the Stonewall Inn police raids that started the modern Gay Rights Movement.  Watch a video of a previous Pride here and here. Watch photos from a previous Pride here.
  • The “Russian” Float does not represent any particular organization, other than the “Russian” GLBT community in general. Organizations can come on board and even display their signage on the Float, but this not a float BY any one organization. Click here to find out more about us.
  • The Float is for YOU, “Russian” GLBT person and their supporters, to celebrate. For you to go and lose yourself in the fun and do what you weren’t able to do in the “Eastern Bloc”.
  • The Float is exactly the kind you’ve wanted to be on. Remember those unforgettable floats that make you hold your breath with all the explosiveness? That’s what we think our community overwhelmingly wants! We deserve a freaking hot float!  So our offer to you, let’s not just get together and walk with rainbow flags in hand.  Let’s ride on a dazzling theatrical stage. Tell us what you think!

  • So just how outrageous the Float’s decorations will be exactly? We heard ideas as crazy as dressing a Lenin’s statue as a drag queen. Pour your genius ideas at us! Spit them out! Help define the design.
  • What is a Float without the dance-your-a**-away music? You bet our DJ will spin killer tracks.
  • The Eastern Bloc Float provides amazing advertising opportunities for sponsors, from prominent displays of name and logo on the Float itself, to special mentions in media coverage. Learn about Sponsorship Opportunities.

As YOU come on board and help bring the Eastern Bloc Float to life, we will have more exciting details. A sure way to keep track of them is to follow us on Facebook: directly at or find the LIKE button under the red menu. Tell your friends about the Float: post on your wall, email, tell them in person!

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