If you’ve ever been to the New York Gay Pride, you know Puerto Ricans have their own Float. Argentinians have one too. (If you’re not familiar, a float is a ‘moving platform’ during the parade. See pictures here.)

So us, a bunch of “Russians”, thought, ‘We want to party like that too!’

Yes, this is HOT FUN. But it is also a GREAT CAUSE.

Anton, 29. From: Gomel, Belarus. Lives in Brooklyn, New York:
“I came to the US in 2002. I’m the only one from my family here. Many times I’ve contemplated going back. But I knew, no matter how much disconnect from my native culture I felt , there was something larger at stake here in the US – my freedom. Sometimes in my heart I still wonder where home is. But there’s nothing better than being able to NOT pretend, just being able to kiss my boyfriend when we part in the street.
In 2010 was my first time at the New York Gay Pride. I watched the extravagant floats from behind the guarding rail. It occurred to me: if being able to celebrate freedom like that was part of the American package, why wasn’t I doing this too?

Marina, 27. From: Moscow, Russia. Lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:
Lesbians and gays are often accused of showing off at the parades. Most of us don’t do this to shock others. We do this for ourselves. Do you know how big of a deal it is to walk as an open lesbian after years of hiding. For me the parade is a ritual providing strength to go on and build my life here. It reminds me to feel comfortable in my skin. It really lets me feel that whoever I am is fine, and things will be working out great for me.”

The bottom line of these stories: gay “Russians” make tremendous sacrifices coming to America. If the New York GLBT Parade was designed as a statement by the gay people that they won’t be afraid of who they are, then for the “Russians” all of this rings as true as it did in 1969.

That’s why it’s so important for the “Russian” gays and lesbians to be well represented in the free world. And what better way to represent than The First-Ever “Russian” Float at the 2013 NYC GLBT Pride.

New York City is one of world’s most exciting cities for GLBT people. The Gay Pride in June is as big of a GLBT event as one can only imagine: this is where it all started in the 70’s. So for 2013, let’s make the Eastern Bloc Float  the HOTTEST float in the pride parade.

Without your support, there is no Float. Help build the Float. Help define the decorations,  costumes, music.  And finally make sure you don’t watch it pass you by. GET ON AND START THE PARTY!

Of course, envisioning, building and riding the Float will be part of your support. And before that can happen we need you to donate and help look for donations. Check out the donations page.

One of the greatest and simplest ways to support is to spread awareness and make introductions. It only takes a moment to repost this page to FB or email it to people you know. And word-of-mouth works even better. You don’t even have to personally know people.

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